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Connor Clark

Hi, I'm Connor. I work on web performance tooling on Chrome (Lighthouse). I sometimes write about stuff, mostly web development.

Also, I'm working on a game.

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Porting Zelda Classic to the Web

April 29, 2022

I ported Zelda Classic (a game engine based on the original Zelda) to the web. You can play it here–grab a gamepad if you have one!

It's a PWA, so you can also install it.

KB vs KB

July 8, 2020
TL;DR: As of v6.0, Lighthouse now uses KiB (=1024 bytes) because it is unambigous. Chrome DevTools moved to kB (=1000 bytes), faster than intended, but maybe for the best?

Black Lives Matter

May 31, 2020
It's been tough viewing the footage from around the country these past few days. My goal with this page is to be a resource to send folks that may not be very tuned-into social media.

Game of Life

April 12, 2020

Conway's Game of Life is mathematics at play. A grid of cells, each either alive or bare, paired with a simple rule set that determines when new cells become alive and live cells die off, are all the constructs necessary to create a world of patterns and intrigue.

Speed up building a monolithic app by skipping build steps

July 8, 2018

Late Feburary of this year, I worked on improving the speed of Course Hero's frontend build process. I noted the impact of each improvement I made. I don't think the results are suprising, but I'd like to share anyways.

I'll also show how git can be leveraged to skip build steps when the input files haven't changed - this strategy can help keep build times down in a Monolithic app.

A gentle introduction to answer set programming

July 13, 2017

ASP is a programming paradigm that solves combinatoric problems given a set of rules. Users of Prolog will recognize the syntax and logic involved, but for everyone else, oh boy, you got some learnin' to do.

Test your site on a mobile device locally

April 29, 2017
When first starting out building responsive web sites, you may find testing your sites on mobile devices to be cumbersome.

Deceitful Java: How I Won A Free Thingy

June 12, 2016
There are many stories about amazingly obsufcated code. This is not one of them.